Monday, November 10, 2014

To The Mom...

To the mom(s) out there who started this trend, and won't let it die...

Stop blogging "letters" to other moms. Stop telling us you see us at Chick-Fil-A or Target, or anywhere else, wrestling our small children and doing our best. Stop telling us you see more than the bags under our eyes and our ponytailed hair. Stop telling us that it won't always be this way, but one day we'll miss it. Stop condemning us or justifying us for *gasp* being on our iPhones while out in public with our children. I've had enough, and I'm speaking out. Stop. Just stop.

Parenting is hard. Far and away, the hardest "job" I've ever had. Everything about it is difficult. And some things get easier with time, while others get more difficult. It's a roller coaster that never ends, but that's okay. There's no perfect way to go about it, and unless you're abusing your children, or putting them in harm's way, you're not doing it wrong! Because there is no right!

I've done a lot, but I haven't done it all. I stayed home for the first year of my oldest son's life. It was hard. I've been working since then. It's hard. My youngest spent his first six months sitting next to me in my office instead of in daycare. That was hard. I've formula fed. It was hard (and expensive!). I'm currently breastfeeding. It's even more difficult. There are a million more choices that I've made along the way. Some I'd do again, and others I might change.

The point is, they're MY choices. I don't need to be affirmed, condemned, reassured, judged, or guilt-ed for any one of them. Because I'm making the choices that are right for MY family. I hope you're doing the same, without any thought of what others might think, want, or expect from you. And that's OKAY.

Are you a Pinterest mom? Great! Do you want to punch those moms in the face? That's okay, too (well, don't actually punch them). Are you ready to bring your Elf on a Shelf back from the North Pole for a glorious month of tricks and treats? Great! Are you a bit of a Grinch who told their child that Santa ran out of elves, because (seriously!) ain't nobody got time for that!? Great! Whether you buy cookies, bake cookies, or balk at the thought of your children eating refined sugar...whether you visit Santa as many times as you can, or tell your children that Santa is simply a fat man in the matter what your personal beliefs on these and other issues...YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT! Because you're doing it right for you.

So moms of the world, lets stop sharing these annoying blog posts on Facebook, stop judging and feeling judged by each other, and live by this simple motto...